We have in store a great range of blankets, pillows & tri-pillows (polyester, microfibre, cotton, duck down, goose down, duck feather, memory foam, silk, tencel (eucalyptus fibre), wool and latex, pillow protectors (cotton or water proof), duvet inners (duck or goose down and/or feather, silk, wool, tencel, cotton, microfibre and polyester), underlays (wool, feather, down alternative, cluster puffs or memory foam) and mattress protectors (cotton or water proof). Brands include Logan and Mason, Fairydown, Mazon Virtalli, Top Drawer, Drylife, Eden, Cloud 9 and more

As with all our in store products we always have great deals and recommend a visit or phone call to the store to discuss your personal requirements and current specials for these products. NB As we hang most of our Duvet covers they are often not supplied in their original packaging.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure items on this site are current there may be some products not currently available.